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I Met Me In Crystal Cave

Last weekend I became an Intuitive Guide. Yes, I know that sounds a bit mystical, but we all have intuition. Some of us just tap into it on a higher level than others. I’ve actually been intuitive my whole life, I just never knew it.

Reading the energies of people and places, knowing when people are not telling the whole truth, giving insight and knowing the outcome of situations before they occur, experiencing visions and vivid dreams are things that have always come naturally to me.

So when I’m in my intuitive guide class and the instructor tells us that we are going to do a guided meditation where we enter into a crystal cave, of course I was giddy with excitement. What I experienced in that cave was so detailed, I could write an entire book. I’ll spare you the specifics and just tell you who I ran into.

In the crystal cave, I heard someone coming down the hallway, they sounded young. They were laughing and skipping down the walkway. When I saw who showed up at the door, it was my 6 year old self. I was so overcome with emotion I actually started crying during the meditation. I missed that little girl, and hadn’t seen or thought about her in ages.

She wore the brightest smile, and her face was pure and full of joy. She wore a white dress; it reminded me of the kind of dresses I used to wear for Easter with the hat, stockings, glove, purse and all. She immediately ran up to me, threw her arms around my neck and gave me the biggest little girl hug ever.

She was the Mel I’d lost several years ago; the Mel that loved beyond measure, worried about nothing, creative, playful, pure, untouched, full of life and radiated joy in everything that she did. This was the Mel that had not been beaten down by life just yet; that Mel would be introduced to the fucked up world we live in the next couple years.

She said she came to bring me a message. She came to remind me of who I am. She was a reflection of who I lost, and who I need to become again. In order to make it through this next season of my life, I need to bring her back. And if I don’t, that little girl may never resurface again.

The world is waiting for her release. There are people that need to meet her. She will help change lives. She will succeed at everything her soul has been sent to do, I just need to tap into her spirit for guidance. She smiled at me one last time, waved, skipped back down the hallway and just like that she was gone.

But not really, because you all will be introduced to her real soon.

So, okay, Mel Jr., I got the message loud and clear. Thank you for coming to visit. Now let’s do this!

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