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Spiritual Yoga Retreat
Costa Rica

A Yoga Retreat to Heal, Activate & Embody Your Divine Feminine Power

If you’re a soul seeker, new or veteran yogi or a woman seeking her spiritual tribe; ready for a life altering journey in the jungle, then join us for a magical retreat where you’ll experience the healing transformation your soul has been longing for.

Imagine you are walking through a thriving rainforest, you hear the ocean waves crashing in the distance, the sounds of mother nature and all her children are received as music to your ears, the smell of wild flowers in the air, and in between all the smells and sounds you hear your own heartbeat as you breathe in the fresh moist mountainous air into your lungs. 

You take a moment to slip off your sandals to sense the earth beneath your feet and in between your toes. You feel a gust of cool air brush past your face, and suddenly you feel a raindrop, and you wonder where it came from, and if there’ll be more. The local guide in front of you is guiding your group to follow him to shelter. So you slip your sandals back on and quickly dash underneath a secret hut in the middle of the jungle, made of bamboo and thick palm leaves. 

Hike in the Forest

Suddenly you see a pile of coconuts in the corner appear out of nowhere and the guide slowly takes out the machete that’s been hanging out on his hip this whole time. He begins to hack away at the coconut… 1… 2… 3 and the top pops off and he hands you this brown yet hairy round ball, juices dripping down the sides. Your mouth starts to water as you bring it closer to your lips, and at first sip you already know that this is the most refreshing thing you’ve ever tasted, and immediately your body begins to revive itself and you feel your soul beginning to awaken. 

The raindrops start to fall faster and you decide it's a great time to live your dream of dancing in the rain in the actual rainforest, and with coconut in hand you step out from under the bamboo shelter, spread your arms out wide and twirl around like you were a kid again. The other ladies decide to join you, and suddenly you and your new sister tribe are drenched in life giving rainwater and dancing around to the beats of your own heart and breath, laughing and dancing like nobody's watching. And you think to yourself, it only gets better from here. 

Yes! Costa Rica Is Calling Me!!!

Do you feel like the odd ball in your family, and wish you could explore your spiritual side without judgment? 


Imagine being able to explore your spirituality freely and meet your own spirit guides? 

On this retreat, you’ll be taken through a guided meditation, where you will meet your personal spiritual guides/ancestors, so you can connect to them and get the guidance and clarity you need most to move forward in life with confidence. 


Wish you knew why you keep seeing the same number patterns, why animals and children flock to you, and why you can feel the energy of a room when you walk in? 


How would you like to learn more about spiritual gifts and discover which ones you have? 


On this retreat, an intuitive guidance workshop will allow you the opportunity to explore your gifts safely, so you can feel confident enough to share your medicine with those that need it.


Yoga, meditation, sound healing, and workshops will take place at Casa Mona beautiful open air yoga shala. The shala is in the middle of the jungles of Costa Rica, and is absolutely breath taking. No need to bring your yoga mat, in case you want to pack light. 

In your free time, you'll be able to take advantage of a massage, jump in the pool, hang out in the hammock, a wellness consultation, read a book or do absolutely nothing. (some services are available for a fee)

Yes! Costa Rica Is Calling Me!!!

Tired of feeling unwelcomed in class and not fitting in at yoga studios because of your body type and/or the color of your skin?


Imagine taking a yoga, meditation and breathwork class with a teacher that looks like you, surrounded by others that look like you, in a space where you feel seen, safe, and supported? 


On this retreat, Coach Mel will guide you through gentle and restorative yoga, and you’ll be able to surrender your body and relax your mind in a sacred space, so you can feel safe and supported.


Longing for sisterhood and to connect with other like minded women? 


How great would it feel to sit with other spiritually minded women like yourself, and truly feel love and acceptance? 


On this retreat, you’ll experience healing circles, where you will have the opportunity to open your heart and release emotional baggage, so you can learn to love yourself and others again. 


This Journey Is For You If...

  • If you are ready to take your healing journey to the next level

  • If you are in need of some support on your spiritual path

  • If you are ready to share your gifts with the world

  • If your soul has been calling you to Costa Rica

This Journey Is Not For You If...

  • If you are super religious and not open to alternative methods of healing

  • If you are not willing to laugh, cry, hug, high five or open up

  • If you enjoy making excuses, and still blame others for your unhappiness

  • If you do not know how to allow others to take up space and speak their truth

Lone Walk
  • 1 Pre-trip Zoom call so you can meet your new tribe before you arrive

  • 1 Post-trip Zoom call so you can connect with your tribe again

  • Pre & Post-trip WhatsApp group to stay in touch with your tribe


What's Included?

  • 7 nights of accommodation

  • Ground transportation in Costa Rica

  • Some meals

  • Private yoga

  • Suprises & delights

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 16.07.05.png
Friends in Spa

What's Not Included?

  • Roundtrip airfare

  • Alcohol  (can bring or buy your own)

  • Tips or trip insurance

  • All meals (some included) 

Yes! Costa Rica Is Calling Me!!!


Retreat Host & Yoga Life Coach

Jameelah Kundalini Activation Facilitator

Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Intuitive Healer


Meet Your Host

Melinda (Coach Mel) Rhoden - Yoga Life Coach

My spiritual journey began in 2009 when I was serving as an overseas Christian missionary. I loved being able to travel the world, learn from other cultures. Then in 2016, a traumatic experience sent me into a spiral; and I woke up. I started to explore other healing modalities, and was finally beginning to feel more authentic and more connected to my Soul.


I enrolled in a healing arts school in AZ and studied spiritual life coaching, sound healing, yoga therapy, reiki and intuitive guidance, and truly  began to embrace my true nature as a spiritual catalyst. 


1 year after the pandemic another traumatic experience led me to make my Blaxit (Black exit) and I moved to Costa Rica in March 2021. I traveled around for a couple months, and eventually found myself on the Caribbean Coast. An energy fell over me and whispered to me, “This is it”. The healing powers of Costa Rica’s lush rainforests, stunning beaches, and refreshing waterfalls, provide me with the medicine I need to heal. 


A few months after arriving I hosted my first in person retreat, and I realized, this is the work I was called here to do. In this corner of the world Mother Nature meets Spirit for a beautiful combination of healing vibes and divine activation. 


It’s hard to put into words the majestic healing nature of this place, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. So if you’re ready, join me and my powerful network of spiritual healers, for a life altering journey in the jungle. We’re waiting for you. 


$2300 per person

2 person max per room

You must arrive at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO), there you will be picked up by a private driver. Will return by private driver. 5 hour drive from SJO airport to Puerto Viejo.


For group bookings please inquire

A Special VIP package available for 3 days after the retreat. This intimate group will stay at a smaller house with Coach Mel’ for more one-on-one attention and coaching. 


  • Accommodations

  • All meals (meat options available)

  • Soul contract reading with Coach Mel Rhoden

  • One-on-one session with Coach Mel Shipman

  • Personal massage with Sacred Tea

  • Boat tour and a fun night out on the town


Special VIP package price $1111

Limited to 4 participants

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Hannah J

What an experience! Melinda was great from beginning to end of this journey. This journey has equipped me with so much self knowledge and curiosity to dive more into certain practices. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to lead me down such an intense journey


Giselle H

Coach Mel’s yoga classes are an experience. It’s gentle yet challenging movement, interwoven with spirituality and intentional healing curated by Melinda. Her approach to Nidra is truly amazing and transcendent. As a seasoned (20+ yrs) yogi, Melinda is one of my favorite instructors, ever!!


Justyna F

You have been amazing to work with. Brilliantly and intuitively knowing what I need and what has been significant for me to explore. “When the student is ready the teacher appears”, well I think I was finally ready to face all of this and so you appeared. I really couldn't have asked more from someone to guide me through. Thank you!

To Join Us

Choose your room type below!

You’ll receive an email and text message to schedule your 1:1 clarity call with Coach Mel R. 


If we cannot match you with a roommate we will switch you to a single occupancy room, however if you sign up early you will most likely get your choice. Limited single rooms available.

Questions? Or need to talk to us about a payment plan? Please email Coach Mel R.

Registration and Cancellation Policy

A $500 deposit is required at time of registration. Balance due 30 days prior to departure. Deposits are 100% refundable until 60 days before departure, less than 60 days before departure, deposits are 50% nonrefundable, less than 30 days before departure, deposits are non refundable. If your trip is paid in full, any cancellation made between 90-60 days will result in a full refund, less than 60 days  will result in a refund minus 50% of the deposit, less than 30 days will result in a total loss of funds, and an option to rebook for a future retreat will be given. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum attendee requirements (if we do so your deposit and any other payments made are refunded in full). If the trip is canceled due COVID restrictions implemented world wide, a full refund will be issued or an option given to reschedule at a later date. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.

Leave the chaos, confusion and conditioning behind for a transformational experience, where you’ll walk away with a new mindset, new perspective, and new appreciation for the spiritual journey you’re on. And we’ll see you in Costa Rica!

Yes! Costa Rica Is Calling Me!!!

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