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What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

What is meant by the word spiritual?

Spiritual relates to the human spirit or soul. Spirituality is not religious. Spirituality is inclusive, not exclusive like a lot of religions. God may be used in our sessions, as the creator of the Universe, and the God that lies within. In my spiritual coaching sessions, I will use the word 'Spirit' as a way to guide clients back to the one Source. And I'll point clients in the direction of connecting with Source, whatever that looks like for them (nature, animals, ascended masters, angels, guides, ancestors, God, etc) I accept all clients regardless of religious background.

Is coaching like therapy or counseling?

Therapists and counselors spend more time going through your past, while life coaches focus on the present and future. Life coaches do spend time talking about the past, as a means to help shape the future. Coaches leave you with tools to improve your life, and resources to manage life challenges. Therapists can also diagnose and life coaches cannot. However, it is helpful to have gone through therapy or counseling before deciding to hire a life coach. As we will not spend much time talking about and identifying feelings, it is helpful to be able to recognize those before hiring a life coach.

Do life coaches need certifications?

In the U.S. it is not necessary to have certification. However, I do. I am certified in life coaching, life purpose coaching, happiness coaching, and spiritual life coaching. I also studied intuitive guidance, which means that I may use oracle cards, tarot cards, and pendulums during our sessions as well as my own intuition to help guide clients. These additional divination tools are used to draw out the answers that lie within you.

How long do you work with clients?

I work with clients anywhere from 1 - 6 months, and that could be weekly or biweekly. After that it is possible to still work with me, however, it would only be for a check in here and there. I also provide my clients with a ‘Book of You’ that is a personal spiritual guide with all of the tools that we have covered and extras to work through as well. I set clients up for success, all they need to do is use the tools that they have available to them. Clients start with a 4 or 9 session package, which also includes a soul contract reading.

What are soul contract readings?

Soul contract readings are blueprints of a person's life, using their birth name. Much like astrology uses the birth date, this system uses the birth name. It is a combination of Hebrew numerology, astrology, and tarot. The birth name is translated into Hebrew, then into numbers, then the numbers are plugged into the Start of David. The center of the Star is the soul’s purpose/destiny. But before going there, we’ll review the 3 numbers in each of the 2 triangles, the karma that needs to be overcome before stepping into the soul’s purpose, the talents you possess to overcome them, and the goals that drive you. You will also receive some recommendations to help you overcome karma in order to fully embrace your purpose.

Is coaching done in person or online?

If you are local and live on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, we can meet by the beach and do an in person session. These are great as being near nature really amplifies and cements the information being shared. If you are not local, then we can easily do the sessions via Zoom.

What results do your clients typically get?

My clients have shared with me that they feel seen, heard, understood and supported. They also feel sufficient enough to handle tough situations when they arise. By the end of our time together, there will not have been any stone unturned or subject uncovered. And you’ll feel confident that you are well resourced and ready to live the life you’ve always desired, with clarity and confidence.

How are your sessions structured?

I always open with a grounding ritual to clear energies and call in our higher selves. Then we spend a few minutes talking about how the last week(s) have been, and covering any homework that has been assigned. Then we’ll flow into any problems that have come up over the past week(s), and how those situations were handled. This helps me to connect patterns of behavior, and to direct clients to resources they have available to handle them, or we celebrate how they handled the situation. Then I share more tools, and assign more homework. I may also use oracle cards in the sessions to help gain more clarity. I may also end with a meditation, yoga nidra, or go into inner child healing.

What is inner child healing?

I use Carl Jung’s method for inner child therapy. There are 12 archetypes that he has identified that we connect to in our adult life, child life and even our ego. In order to do this, there will first be a survey of questions, and the archetypes are revealed in the next session. I do a little teaching on inner child therapy and we’ll end with a meditation, where clients get to meet their inner child.

How long do coaching sessions last? How much does coaching cost?

I offer coaching packages, rather than per session coaching. It is more beneficial when done over a period of time, in order to see greater results. The packages include 4 sessions or 9 sessions, and each sessoin is 90 minutes. (see below for pricing) I also offer stand-alone soul contract reading sessions, these sessions can be done in one session, and are 60 minutes. This is a great place to start if you have never worked with me before. And if after that session you decide to continue, the 4 or 9 session packages are available. A soul contract reading comes with each package and is done during the first session. The following sessions could include inner child healing, yoga, or yoga nidra.

What is yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra is a sleep based meditation technique and a practice of awareness at the deepest level of relaxation. It changes your reaction patterns and helps you to ‘let go’. In this highly regenerative meditative state you can restore and rejuvenate your body, heal and recover from illness and rewire your brain for greater mental and emotional balance and resilience. All you need to do is find a comfortable place to lay down, and follow my guidance. And you’ll be left feeling more relaxed, more clear and more peaceful than when you began. Experience yoga nidra on Insight Timer:

(1) Nine 90 min sessions (3-5 months, weekly or biweekly sessions)

  1. $1800 one time payment

  2. $200 deposit and 4 payments of $450 (total $2000)

(2) Four 90 min sessions (1-2 months, weekly or biweekly sessions)

  1. $900 one time payment

  2. $200 deposit and 2 payments of $400 (total $1000)

(3) One 60 min soul contract reading session

  1. $200 one time payment

I’d like more information please? Where do I get started?

If any of this sounds like something you are ready for, schedule a free 30 minute clarity call here:

What are clients saying about working with me?

"The soul contract reading and the inner child work were the experiences I most sought out Mel and this coaching group for. Knowing that I am on the track through learning about my soul contract was comforting. And having an understanding space to work on on childhood issues and to move through to how my inner child is also my teacher in my current life was valuable. I do recommend this program to others."

Zeshan M

"What an experience! Melinda was great from beginning to end of this journey. This journey has equipped me with so much self knowledge and curiosity to dive more into certain practices. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to lead me down such an intense journey of inner child healing!"

Hannah J

"You have been amazing to work with. Brilliantly and intuitively knowing what I need and what has been significant for me to explore. “When the student is ready the teacher appears”, well I think I was finally ready to face all of this and so you appeared. I really couldn't have asked more from someone to guide me through. Thank you!"

Justyna F

"Mel's Soul Purpose reading was amazing. She was knowledgeable and with her intuitive gifts was able to provide even more insight. I am grateful for the reading and continue to look back at my Soul Purpose chart."

Janeen D

Schedule a free 30 min clarity call today:

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