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It's My Blaxit Anniversary

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

My Second Year in Costa Rica

I will always remember this time of year, every March. It’s when the pandemic really hit the U.S., and quarantine started. I was in the middle of yoga teacher training in AZ and we transitioned from in person classes to online classes. A year later in March 2021, I decided to leave the country and make my Blaxit (Black exit) and move to Costa Rica. A lot of people ask me “Why Costa Rica?”. Well, I had been here before and loved it. I speak the language, Spanish, it’s close enough to the U.S. that if I need to go back “home” I can, and I’d already lived in Mexico, so I was looking for a different latin country.

Costa Rica called me. I remember when I first arrived and a friend of my mothers who I look to as a spiritual guide, told me there is a tree and that it’s leafs are looking to connect with me. And I’ll spare myself the embarrassment, but after several conversation with trees in the area and me asking them if they were the one… I finally discovered that Ayahuasca was calling me (a plant based psychedelic). I met with the plant in ceremony three separate times. And to make a long story short, really felt my soul reborn in each ceremony. Ayahuasca comes in the form of a tea that you drink (very nasty) and it’s a journey that is hard to explain in words. I truly believe that my move here was solidified when I met with mysterious Mother Ayahuasca. I feel bonded to this land and on a different level than any other.

My wife, step daughter and I, just moved on March 1, 2023. From the mountains of Costa Rica to living beach side. I convinced our little family to move to the small beach town that I’d spent a year in, and fell in love with. Our first month has been full of crazy adventures and we are loving every minute of it. This place is magical, and there was a lot of work that went into moving here. I’d mentioned to my wife Mey, that I invision us resting the first week and then getting to work. I had gig teaching at a yoga retreat a week after we arrived, and like the manifestors that we are, my wife was also called at the last minute to cook at that same retreat. So we got to work together, and just like I’d said, one week of rest and then right to work.

This month we also celebrated my wife's birthday, which just so happened to be the day that we made the big move. March will always be a month of remembrance for many wonderful reasons. It’s also the month I wrote my intentions before moving to Costa Rica. I wrote down some very specific intentions for my move. And everyone of them has manifested. Looking back at it closely, I set the intention to ‘find my soul mate and future King’, well… my wife’s last name is Reyes, which means King in Spanish. So there’s that… And if that still doesn’t convince you of the power of setting intentions, I wrote the list on March 1, which is her birthday.

I’m not sharing this to brag; someone out there needs to hear this story. And my hope is that if you are that someone and you need a sign to believe that the life they desire can actually happen... Well, this is it! The life your heart desires is literally at your fingertips. Don’t Quit. Just wait. Remember. Remember why you started to dream. Be patient and wait for God to co-create with you. And don’t ever quit believing that it is possible. If God planted the idea, then God (and You) will see it through.

Still not convinced? We’d love to support you further! First, I have a group coaching program coming up on Monday, March 27. The group workshop meets for 4 weeks, every Monday 7-9pm EST.

You’ll receive:

  • A free soul contract reading or relationship reading

  • Learn how to manifest through the Chakras

  • Explore the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Unblock and unlock the parts of you that are still stuck

And you'll also get the guide I created with the same formula I used to manifest my intentions for moving here.

Second, if you live in the Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica area or are planning to visit, come join us for yoga on the beach and lunch. We'll meet on the beacj, and you’ll be led through a yoga sequence focused on aligning your chakras, and end the class with a yoga nidra leaving you blissful.

Then we'll’ll take a 5 min walk to our house where you’ll meet my wife Chef Mey, who will dazzle your taste buds with a colorful lunch, perfect for activating your chakra system. Complete with fresh squeezed fruit juice, a delicious meal, and healthy dessert.

Let us (Coach Mel and Chef Mey) take care of your mind, body and soul, and you’ll leave with your spirit feeling alive, your belly full and your heart happy. These experiences are two hours long and happen three different time a week (M,W,F)

Spaces are limited for Chakralogy and Yoga/Lunch, so if either of these experiences are something that is calling you, jump on it and sign up below or click the links for more info.

In the mean time...

Peace, love and blessings

Coach Mel ☮️💟🕉

Yoga Life Coach



Beach Yoga and Lunch:

Soul Contract Readings on special this month:

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