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7 Things You Can Expect From A Wellness Retreat

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

If you've never been on a retreat, here are a few things to know about

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat? It’s not just a vacation, there’s a plan and purpose behind all that goes down on a retreat. From arrival to departure, each activity is carefully crafted, made with love and intention, with each beautiful soul in mind that has chosen to embark on the journey. Anyone can plan their own vacation, but when you come on a healing retreat, all you have to do is show up, stay open, surrender, and your wonderful retreat leader will take care of the rest.

Here are some of the things that you can expect to experience when you come to Costa Rica for the Spiritual Yoga Retreat, Oct 8 -Oct 15, 2022.

#1 - Rest and Relaxation

The definition of retreat (one of the many) is ‘a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax’. Well that is exactly what you’ll do on the Spiritual Yoga retreat. You’ll fall asleep to the music of the jungle citizens, as the orchestra of sounds woo you to sleep. You can relax by the pool, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, take a quiet walk in nature, or even take a nap, cause who has time to take naps during regular life. And if you have never hammocked before, trust me, it is a game changer, and the epitome of relaxation.

#2 - Healthy Eating

Speaking of relaxing, you don’t have to cook at all for 7 glorious days. All of your meals will be prepared for you. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t normally eat 3 meals a day”, but you’ll want to. Our head chef is the jungles best kept secret. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or like chicken and fish, she’ll whip up a dish that’ll have you trying to guess the recipe and begging for more. The eggs come from a chicken farm, the herbs are hand picked, and each recipe is hand made with care. Fresh fruit from the farmers market, and veggies delivered by the farmers.

"I really regreat eating health today." ~ said no-one ever

#3 - Try New Things

It’s not just about yoga. You’ll have a chance to do partner yoga with a new friend, and go through yoga nidra, a sleep based meditation. One of our facilitators will be leading you through a Kundalini activation, and if you don’t know what that means, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself, and you won’t want to miss it. We'll dance under the full moon on the beach on 10/9, and manifest our desires on 10/10. We’ll set up an altar to connect with your ancestors, and likewise an altar for your inner child. And you’ll have a chance to share some of your favorite divination tools, so just dust off that oracle deck you bought years ago, and bring it with you.

#4 - Meet Your Tribe

Several of my clients share that they don’t have others in their life that are like minded. And if they do, they may not always get the opportunity to spend time with them. It can feel lonely to be the only one who’s doing the work it takes to advance personally, spiritually and emotionally. On this retreat I can guarantee, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk about the deep stuff, and you won’t have to explain yourself, because we’ll not only understand, but innerstand. And if you so choose, you can leave here with new tribsters (tribe sisters). You are the creator of your experience of life.

#5 - Align Mind, Body and Soul

There’ll be yoga, meditation, sister circles, workshops and healing circles during this retreat. All intentionally put together to connect you with your mind, body, soul and spirit. When it comes to health and wellness, it’s important to be balanced in all things. And when you only concentrate on the body, the mind gets left out, or when you only concentrate on the mind, the soul gets jealous. During this retreat we’ll make sure that mind, body and soul; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are all aligned and living in harmony.

#6 - Have A Fun Adventure

This retreat is not just about healing, fun will be had. They’ll be dancing, laughing, learning, sharing, games, a trip to the waterfall, a trip to the beach, and a surprise activity. And I can’t forget to talk about the spa services you can experience in your free time, massages, facials, and scrubs all available and at your fingertips. All these adventures combined make for a wellness retreat you’ll remember for years to come.

Quick story, once I was at a waterfall, I had this brilliant idea of jumping off the top and diving into the water. We were there with a group and I decided to post up at the top and capture them going first into the water. Finally everyone was in, and yelling at me to jump. I stood there contemplating, what if I hit rocks on the way down, what if my butt is too big and I don't jump far enough, all these thoughts raced through my head, and then finally... I sat right back down. LOL Sometimes, you don't have to make the leap. I had a great time at the waterfall, even though I did NOT jump. Fast forward to the last time I was at the waterfall, my name was called to jump from the top AGAIN (a different waterfall), and someone said, "I don't see Melinda jumping from way up there"... well, of course you know what happened. I jumped, and it was not the most graceful jump, but I was proud of myself for doing it. It was captured on video, but no one will ever see it... LOL

#7 - Transform Your Life

It is literally impossible not to have your life transformed by choosing to come on this retreat. Even if you choose to just sit around and stare at the forest for 7 days, there’s no way not to be subconsciously transformed and spiritually awakened. The jungle has the ability to heal even the most stubborn spirit. Mother Nature is set up to hold our grievances, absorb our tears, listen to our laughter and release all our worries, doubts, and fears. So whatever may be troubling you, I assure you, come and leave it here. And let the magic of the rainforest put you back together again, more healthy and more whole than when you arrive.

So What Are You Waiting For?!

Get the passport ready, grab your suitcase, reserve your spot and book your flight. And we’ll meet you in Costa Rica. For more information check out or schedule a free clarity call to see if this journey in the jungle is the right fit for you.

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