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Oracles, Angels, Guides, Oh my!

Now that I have graduated my Intuitive Guidance class, I have began to incorporate card reading into my business and practice. If you’re not sure what an Intuitive Guide is I won’t bore you with the details, but rather check out my last post “Call Me Now”.  I’d rather take this time to talk about card reading.

There are tarot cards and there are oracle/angel cards. Tarot cards are always the same, the designs may be different but the suits and meanings are the same. Oracle/Angel cards are subject to interpretation by the reader and the receiver. They are not used to predict the future but rather provide guidance, direction and insight into your current situation and potential direction of future experiences.

Cards help connect you to the angels and guides that send you messages from Source, Spirit, Divine or God, which ever you choose to refer to. Each of us has the ability to intuit the queues and clues that the Universe is presenting to us. Cards help bring clarity and affirmation into the answers that lie with in us. Sometimes our judgement is too clouded and our emotions run too high to be able to clearly see, and cards are a divination tool that can help point things out, sometimes the obvious.

Oracle cards hold energy and operate alongside the Law of Attraction, which means that they are always going to give you the very message you need to hear in the moment. There are times when the cards may not make sense, but later as the day goes on and certain events began to unravel, you will remember the message you received from the cards. That ‘Aha’ moment! I always enjoy the look on someone’s face that I am reading for and they start shaking their head in disbelief at how accurate the cards are. It’s so much fun to see the light come on during my client sessions.

I also, use my God-given intuition, physic abilities and clair senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) to help identify the meaning of the card reading. Which means I do not predict the future, but rather ask probing questions to help my clients draw their own conclusions.  Lastly, I have a team of Spirit guides that I am in constant connection with to help during my sessions. 

OK lesson over, now it’s time to schedule a reading with me click here.

God bless, take care and talk to you soon!

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