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Come Out of the Lightness

I walked outside toward the sunshine

So badly needing to expose myself to UV

I knew exactly where I wanted to go

I knew exactly who I needed to see

My plan was to sit in-front of this monstrous tree

See yesterday, the tree, he called to me

Said, “Come back and see me, I’d love to chat”

So I followed his orders and did just that

But when I arrived others were gathered at his side

But then I heard the whisper and she called me from up high

I look up and there she was my eyes were in her a daze

Sitting there eloquent and beautiful in the middle of the day

“Why is she still here?”, I wondered to myself

With my naked eye she was surrounded by clouds and blue sky

But through my rose colored glasses I saw deeper inside

The sky latched on to her, hugging her, keeping her warm

Letting her love light shine, keeping her close and out of harm

“Why are you here? What do you need to tell me?” I asked…

And she said.. “Now is the time to live and let go

Just like me you are a goddess of night

But just like me you need to stand in the day light

Come out of the darkness, It’s time to be seen

Get up my sister the world needs you Queen"

~ The Moon

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