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Celebrating 5 Years of Success with "Pay What You Can" Pricing

It's incredible how time flies when you're on a fulfilling journey. Today, I am overjoyed to reflect on the remarkable growth and evolution of my business over the past 5 years. What started as a humble career coaching practice on August 1, 2018, has blossomed into something even more extraordinary.

Throughout this transformative journey, I have expanded my services beyond career coaching, embracing the role of a life coach and yoga teacher. Guiding individuals towards not only professional success but also personal fulfillment and holistic well-being, which has become my passion. Witnessing the positive transformations in the lives of my clients has been an incredible honor.

But that's not all! Life has a way of surprising us with unexpected blessings, and last year, I married an extraordinary woman who shares my passion, Chef Mey. With her fabulous skills in the kitchen, she now helps to feed the souls that choose to work with us.. Together, we have embarked on a new chapter, taking my business, now our business, to the next level.

Join us in commemorating our remarkable journey at You Got Mel and Mey, and our 5 years in business! With open hearts, we are thrilled to announce a special promotion that will make our services accessible to everyone. From now until the end of August, we are offering "pay what you can" services, allowing you to experience some of our offerings at a price that suits your budget.

To start the ball rolling, on August 1, we have an incredible Manifestation Workshop lined up, designed to help you manifest your heart's desires. This transformative event will guide you towards unlocking your full potential and creating the life you've always dreamed of. Find out more here and reserve your spot now at one of three price points: $70, $50, or $30.

In addition to the workshop, we are delighted to present our highly sought-after Soul Contract readings and Relationship readings. Gain profound insights into your soul's purpose and unravel the mysteries of your relationships. These life-changing sessions are available at one of these three price points: $120, $90, or $60. Click here for more info and to schedule your reading.

As a dynamic duo, Mey and I, are now working diligently to create a haven for rejuvenation and self-discovery. Our vision is to continue to host transformative retreats in the breathtaking paradise of Costa Rica, in our very own retreat space. Imagine immersing yourself in the lush rainforests, practicing yoga in a beautifully crafted yoga shala, waking up to and savoring gourmet meals prepared with love, and connecting with like-minded souls on a profound level.

Our retreats provide an unparalleled opportunity to heal, grow, and reconnect with your true self. Whether it's through revitalizing yoga sessions, coaching session, adventurous tours, enlightening workshops, or soul-nourishing conversations, we are dedicated to curating an experience that uplifts and empowers you.

We invite you to support our cause, "You Got Mel." We are currently fundraising to build a dedicated retreat space, here in Costa Rica, where we can continue hosting transformative experiences for our community in our own retreat center. Every donation, regardless of the amount, helps us inch closer to our own heart’s desires. Feel free to donate ANY amount of $5, $50, $500, $5,000 plus, significant of our 5 years of business, click here for more information.

Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate with us and make a positive impact on your life and our mission, vision and dream! Together, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Your support, enthusiasm, and presence mean the world to us.

From career coach to life coach, yoga teacher, private chef and now embarking on a new chapter as retreat center owners in Costa Rica, I am grateful for the incredible growth and the beautiful souls we've encountered along the way. Thank you for being a part of this magnificent journey.

Stay connected and take advantage our exclusive offers going on currently until the end of August. And together, let's manifest greatness and make a difference! Here's to the past 5 years of transformation and to the exciting adventures that lie ahead. Stay connected, embrace the possibilities, and let's make magic happen together! Keep an eye out for updates and announcements as we bring our dream to life.

Peace, love & blessings

Coach Mel & Chef Mey

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