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Today was graduation day! Well not really but yes, I just completed my Intuitive Guide class, and now I am a certified Intuitive Guide. What does that mean?

Well basically it means that when I meet with my clients for coaching, I will now incorporate divine tools into our sessions: Oracle/Angel cards, pendulums, reading energies, reading charts and my own intuitive abilities. Yes, that might sound like I’ve just become a psychic. But no, I have not just turned into Miss Cleo. When used properly the tools inspire and affirm messages from angels and other spiritual guides.

See, I went back to healing arts school last August and I will be completing 3 more courses over the next year in Holy Reiki, Yoga Nidra and Hypnotherapy. These will be other tools I have to offer additional healing to my clients. If you follow me you know that I started my business as a Career Coach, then Life Purpose Coaching. Well, my focus is still helping my clients discover their purpose, but these additional tools will aide them in overcoming the challenges and obstacles that hinder their pursuit.

Healing Arts practitioners/holistic coaches are spiritual entrepreneurs. Now, I don’t know where you stand on spiritual verses religious, but I believe they are one in the same. Religion is a part of the spiritual world. I won’t get into why I believe that on this platform. That requires video so you can feel and see my energetic opinions on the topic up close. No, for now, I’ll just share that I still know God. God is still very much a part of my life and business.

God will always be the Divine albeit primary Source over all. Everything else is just a resource. Don’t get it twisted. I still know my Maker and Creator.

So if you are curious and want to experience a session for yourself, schedule an appointment:

Let’s start the journey to discovering your purpose in life together!

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