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7 Sign That You’re Beginning To Spiritually Awaken

What does it mean to spiritually awaken? A spiritual awakening can happen at any time, to anyone. And it’s not specific to a certain religion or group of people. Some call it enlightenment, or bliss. What usually happens is that you start to see things differently. You start to question yourself, your life, those around you, and the world. And as much as it sounds like it should be something new, fun and exciting, the fact of the matter is that it can be super uncomfortable and even a bit scary. Lots of people go through what you may have heard called the dark knight of the soul, where you start to really get to know yourself, and all of the secret thoughts and feelings that you’ve kept buried start to surface. Not sure if this is you, well, here are a few signs that may sound familiar to you:

1. Societal beliefs don’t hold weight anymore

With what’s been happening in the world lately, the beliefs people once had in social systems are beginning to be questioned, and the systems we once trusted are breaking down right in front of our eyes. So if you are starting to question the medical system, those who hold offices in government/politics, education institutes, religious organizations; these are all signs pointing you to go within, and really figure out what you believe to be true for yourself.

2. Your family and friends don’t think like you

Are you that person who wants to have deep conversations at family gatherings, or talk about things other than the latest movie or social media fiasco with your friends? Do you find yourself staying quiet just to avoid the criticism from others for being so deep and sensitive? This is a sign that you care more about life and the meaning of it than your current circle, and maybe you start to withdraw and not even attend gatherings anymore just to avoid the judgment.

3. You’re starting to follow more spiritual accounts online

This one is personal for me. I realized at one point I started to follow more accounts that talked about connection to Source and Universe rather than accounts that quoted bible verses. God is still and will always be the creator of the Universe, and that includes everything in this world. And accounts that incorporate society as a whole rather than a linear way of thinking may be more appealing to you these days.

4. You notice synchronicities more and more

Do you keep seeing the same numbers when you look at the clock? Or maybe you're headed to lunch and something tells you to go to a certain restaurant that was not on your radar, so you stop and just so happen to run into an old friend you haven't seen in a while. These are all signs that the Universe is starting to recognize your awakening, and send you signals that you follow and when that happens, random and amazing things occur. And you realize there is no way you could have planned this yourself.

5. Certain people and environments drain you

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt the energy in the room? Or if the

the room was empty you’re certain something serious just went down there? We are

energetic beings, living in an energetic field and once you begin to become aware of that, you may start to become more sensitive to energies. Maybe it's a gut feeling, or you get goose bumps. Maybe you even start to realize that after conversations with certain people, you feel tired or irritated. These are signs that you absorb energy and it’s time to start protecting yourself from energy vampires, and other places that don’t give you life.

6. Holidays don’t mean the same anymore

This is a big one, especially if you’re in the U.S. and holidays like Thanksgiving and 4th of July, don’t feel worthy enough to be celebrated. Especially if you recognize that the U.S. is stolen land. Or maybe with Easter coming up, you don’t feel called to buy the chocolate bunnies, or boil and color the eggs like you used to. Maybe you’re tired of going to church on Christmas and Easter, and would rather learn more about why Jesus is portrayed as White with blonde hair and blue eyes, when he’s from the Middle East. Something to contemplate.

7. You’re not fulfilled at work

This is one of the biggest signs. Infact half of my coaching clients have come to me over the last couple of years for this very reason. When companies started to send employees home to work remotely, people began to have more time on their hands to contemplate life, their job and whether it truly gave them a sense of purpose. If this is you, I want you to know you're not alone, this question is coming up more and more these days. Maybe it's time to discover your Souls true purpose in life.

If any of this sounds like you, know that you’re not crazy and it's going to be okay. And know that on the other side of this is a place where you can truly start to understand who you are, what you believe, and stand firmly in your truth. And that is true enlightenment and bliss.

And if that last one, number 7 is you, the next thing I want you to do is download my free ebook, “Happy To Be Here: How To Make Your Workplace Your Happy Place”. And if after reading it, if you’ve determined that chapter 4 really spoke to you (which talks about what steps to take once you’ve decided to leave), then let’s jump on a free clarity call and talk about you getting a Soul Contract reading to determine what you are supposed to be doing and what your purpose is… before you quit!

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